SXSW Food Truck Marketing

SXSW Food Truck Marketing

SXSW is just around the corner. More than 71,000 people will be converging on this massive marketing extravaganza.

This year SXSW event planners are jumping through more hoops than ever. City of Austin has started imposing stricter guidelines for permits and branding. Venues are getting out-of-this-world expensive. And to be honest, negotiating a venue this time of year can often turn out this way…

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Yes, it would be nice to have Jay-Z drop in on your party. But not everyone has J to the E Zay on speed-dial. So how do you #MakeItRain at SXSW? Here’s an idea…

Food Truck Marketing ABC


Advertising On-the-Go

Wrap our wildly popular local Austin food truck in your first-class creative. We are a 25 ft. billboard on wheels… that also feeds your fans!

Branded Giveaways

Food is best enjoyed among friends, old and new. When people delight in a delicious meal with fun people, they don’t forget it. And when it’s free, it makes it all the more special.

Prepay for meals and mix in custom branded packaging and additional on-site collateral to create memorable marketing moments that reach the heart, mind and stomach of the masses.

Captivate Your Fans

Target high traffic locations where the truck will serve and control the route to capture your specific audience. Building buzz leading up to the event and captivating crowds at SXSW leads to maximum brand exposure!

Results –

Beats By Dre

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Roi Koi

Line at ChiLantro



We know planning for SXSW in February can feel this way –


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