Restaurant Renovations

Today I am are going to talk about the renovation side of the business at our newest restaurant located in the Mueller shopping center.

Why this space?

When I found this place, I knew it would be the perfect space for Chi’Lantro because it is 1400 square feet with a simple kitchen infrastructure.  The store came with a vent hood, grease trap, plumbing and electricity, all of which are expensive and time consuming, but we don’t have to worry about that because they are already here.  I am on a tight budget, so I have to be very creative with the space.

What does an entry mean?

The entry is your brand’s first impression.  When I first walk through the door, I want our customers to anticipate a great experience.  Our new space is relatively small but really long.  It has a 700 square foot kitchen and the rest is dining area.  I am going to expose the ceiling all the way up so that it feels like you are in a larger space and put track lights on the ceiling, which will make the space feel warmer.  When you enter, your eyes will see how bright it is and you will be greeted by our staff.  You will smell the space and look further into the hallway to feel the vibe and its cleanliness.  I’m on a limited budget so I can’t change the floor tiles even if I want to.  So, we are going to replace the tiles by the entrance.  I think it will do its job.  I need to work with what I have and see how it turns out but I have a good feeling about it.

How many tables and chairs in the space?

I think the old owners did a great job maximizing the space.  They used every inch of the space for tables and chairs.  It worked for them but for me, in this space, I want our customers to feel comfortable and not bump into each other when they are in the restaurant.  A lot of customers will be coming from the hospital right in back of us and I want this space to be a great space for a lunch break with less seating and more room for walking in and out.

Does the restroom matter?

For me the restroom matters!  I like clean, simple, bright restrooms and I like to keep them clean and smelling nice all the time.

Cost Out

Our cost out of this building is relatively cheap because it’s a second-generation restaurant.  The things that are very expensive are the hood, the permits take a long time, and the grease trap.  So, if you were to open up a new restaurant it would cost you between 400 and 500 thousand dollars.  We are saving a significant amount of money because the infrastructure of the restaurant is here.  All we have to do is change out how it feels to be in here.