Five Holiday Party Tips and Tricks

Chi’Lantro’s guide to

Creating Success In Your Next Holiday Event!

I remember hosting my first dinner party for my close friends and family a few years ago, I was completely stressed and nervous. Will my friends get along? Would they all mingle and meet each other or would they just stand around awkwardly? Would they like my food that I had spent forever making???? My insecurities shined bright.

The whole night I was running around in the same outfit I wore all day. While everyone else was dressed up, I was preoccupied making sure that everyone was eating, having fun, and that they were taken care of. I had realized at the end of the party that I had barely ate or drank anything, and didn’t have any quality conversation with my friends… I promised myself that the next holiday event (or any other gathering I threw) would be much easier and I would allow myself to have more fun. Parties are meant to be enjoyed… not endured.

1. Set The Theme
Setting a base theme for your party helps you plan the type of food you’ll be providing, beverages you choose to serve, and even the decor you’re selecting. For Example, a Mexican inspired party may consist of mini tostaditas, guacamole/salsa and chips as appetizers, a taco bar as your main entree, and margaritas and palomas as beverage selections. A cocktail party theme may primarily consist of bite sized finger foods and a few craft cocktail selections.

2. Set The Date and Mandate An RSVP
Knowing a ‘guest-imate’ eases much of the stress of knowing (or not knowing) how much food and booze to purchase or if your space is large enough! Always include a small buffer for surprise plus ones, or last minute cancellations… things happen!

When you’re planning the party yourself, you have a thousand and two different details to manage. Let a seasoned caterer help! A surprising fact is that you can also stay on budget. For them, this is the normal day to day! They know how to tackle all tiny details. They are able to anticipate and plan for the unexpected, and have the resources to work around these problems. And with all of the time, energy, and money spent on shopping and preparing food, catering provides a one-stop solution to the most important aspect of any event… THE FOOD!

4. Create The Beverage Menu
A party wouldn’t be complete without carefully selected libations for your group that fit the theme. My favorite simple holiday sips are warm apple cider, egg nog, and even a hot cocoa bar! In addition to being holiday themed, these can also be spiked with spiced rum, vodka, and whiskey! You can even provide the ingredients and a step by step instruction sheet on how to make the perfect Moscow Mule, Manhattan, and an Old Fashion…interactive stations are always fun!

5. Sit back… and Enjoy!
Seriously, you’ve earned it!! By following this list, you will have the most important aspects of your party planned to a T- the theme and decor, the food, the drinks, and the friends to spend your party with!

At Chi’lantro, we are grateful for our experienced team of event professionals and our amazing wedding, corporate, and social clients that we get to share our love for fun, creative, and delicious cuisine with!

We wish you a happy holidays and a happy New Year!

–Alex Armonta, Catering Sales Manger